Miss Zoey

Would you look at this gorgeous red headed, blue eyed baby girl! She is such a joy. I’ve had the honor of knowing this sweet girl since she was in her momma’s tummy. In fact, I captured her momma’s maternity pictures, too! Babies are so so precious and I love getting to take pictures of them. What you probably can’t tell from these pictures is that she had been crying, a lot, before I took these pictures. Babies do that! Her mom had to physically remove herself from the area so she would stop crying! HA!

Joplin Family Photographer.jpg

We went to Big Springs Park in Neosho, Missouri and just sat and watched the ducks play for awhile. Zoey would cry a little bit when I put her down but I had a constant supply of french fries and that seemed to keep her happy. Crying babies or kids do not scare me! I’m patient with them because I know when they are young, they can be shy or timid or not want anything to do with me. But in time, they come around. :)